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  • 2017法南TOP50颁奖盛典!

    法国南部TOP50颁奖盛典TOP 50 Wines411款葡萄酒的激烈角逐A fierce competition for 411 wines16位评委的盲品,层层筛选Blind tasting of 16 judges我们有两款葡萄酒入选We have two wines won the prize一起来到颁奖现场Come to the ceremony together拉维尼庄园白葡萄酒Les...

    2017/11/27 admin 35

  • RED wines

    Wine has been made for centuries from just a two simple ingredients: yeast and grape juice. Actually, just about any fruit juice can be used, but by far the majority of all wine is made from the juice...

    2017/07/18 admin 14

  • Newsletters VS

    China chosen for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) IN 2018For its 25th event, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the reference in international wine competitions, has chosen Haidian distric...

    2017/07/13 admin 11